It’s Just Horse Sense

At our last public bridleways meeting you told us more needed to be done to educate people about the dangers of spooking horses – both on and off the roads!

We have launched a social media campaign to help remind non-horsey folk that dogs need to be on a lead around horses, cyclists need to shout “hello” to let us know they are approaching and that even the quietest pony can spook into the middle of the road if a plastic bag moves the wrong way in the wind!

To bring the campaign to life we have teamed up with Mark Hadlett from the Art Works who has kindly created some cartoons – featuring his trusty cob Jacob – to help us spread these key messages.

So now we need your help to retweet, like and share our messages on Facebook and Twitter so they reach as many people as possible!

Please look out for the posts on our Facebook page and Twitter feed throughout October and help us spread the word far and wide! Let’s get #ItsJustHorseSense trending!   You can see more of Mark’s work at